Rapid Growth

Whether you’re seeking initial momentum, experiencing a growth plateau, or seeing sharp declines in profits, we are here with Matthew Pollard methods to help you. You can find alot of testmonials from startup to Forbes 500 that achieve their six figure turnover after one year working with Matthew.

Expert Profiles

Matthew’s methods aren’t just theory or wishful thinking. They’re the tried and proven strategies he’s used to transform 3500 client businesses – and to create five multi-million-dollar success stories of his own. Rest assured knowing that your customized plan for Rapid Growth is grounded not in theory, but in repeated real-world success.

Matthew cares about your success, and not just because he’s staked his reputation on his clients’ outcomes. He is passionate about helping business owners step out of the overwhelm and into a Rapid Growth business they love.

Service provider start-up only

Price shouldn’t be the only thing you’re competing on!

It shouldn’t be, but it is for many. While it does work for some select businesses, it simply isn’t sustainable for many.

If you rely too much on price in order to remain competitive, it’s time to change the way you view your business, your marketing strategy and your sales process. The Experts shall work with you to find our our truly difference and build your own growth path.

Price is no longer the only factor you have to compete on!

Corporate Consultation

If you’ve tried business coaching before, you’ve noticed that most providers work on a month-to-month basis, with open-ended engagements and no clear deliverables.

Matthew works with a limited number of clients at a time, on focused short-term engagements, with clearly outlined deliverables. By the end of these targeted sessions you’ll walk out with your entire strategy for Rapid Growth, begun its implementation, and seen ROI. There is no need for Matthew to continue charging you beyond that, as you’ll have everything you need to sustain your momentum and continue to rapidly grow.

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