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For more than 20 years, Assessments 24×7 has powered business consultants, executive coaches, and Fortune 500s with the tools to optimize hiring processes, boost employee productivity, and maximize performance. Our validated assessments, flexible platform, and exceptional customer support have positioned us as a “Global Leader in Assessment Technology.”

Corporate Environment

Our industry-leading assessment platform supports organizations ranging from small and medium-sized business (SMB) to Fortune 500 companies. Our solutions provide optimal outcomes in hiring and selection, team-building, sales performance, leadership development, and employee retention and engagement. With the most comprehensive library of advanced and combined assessments in the interpersonal and working relationship space, Assessments 24×7 can provide your company with the tools required to successfully manage your teams and your hiring and selection needs.

Hire Better, Build High Performance Teams, and Solve Problems.

Our assessment platform allows you to have complete control over your assessments without ever having to go to a rep as a middle person. Our assessments are entirely branded for your organization and are available in multiple languages.

Independent coach, consultant

We have partnered with thousands of coaches and consultants to power their businesses. Our white-labeled dashboard comes fully equipped to deliver 50+ assessments and reports, while also providing the tools to take a business to the next level. Members receive access to our entire suite of validated assessments and reports, including our proprietary “whole person” methodology of the five Core Assessments: DISC, Motivators, Hartman Value Profile, Emotional Intelligence, and Learning Styles.

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Ready for more great resources? Get the book that makes sales easier, the program that catapults your business into Growth, and the tools to build your systematical marketing/sale teams.

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